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Why Video Conferencing is Essential for Your Business: 10 Key Benefits

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large company, clear communication is critical to understanding projects, setting expectations, and meeting your goals. Video conferencing can help: A report by Forbes tells us that “humans process visual far faster and more aptly than text or audio.” And, relative to audio conferencing, “62 percent of executives agree that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication. In addition, 50 percent of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding.” With the ability to maintain a visual on other people in the meeting, participants will be more engaged, multi-task less, and set themselves up to process and understand more clearly.

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An Introduction to Online Platforms and Their Role in the Digital Transformation

Online platforms support so many of our daily activities that we have become dependent on them in our personal and professional lives. We rely on them to buy and sell goods and services, to find information online and to keep in touch with each other. We use them for entertainment, news, transportation, accommodation, finding jobs and employees, finding apps and for many other purposes. Online platforms have also raised new and important policy questions, but the businesses themselves can be more complex than they appear so they are not always well understood. This report contains detailed profiles of twelve of the world’s leading platform companies and derives insights from those profiles about what platforms actually do, how they do it, and why they succeed financially.

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The future of the office is changing

Office occupancy rates in North America – the rate at which people actually occupy the building versus how much space is leased – gradually reached 47.5% in September 2022. While this is promising for landlords, occupancy is still half that of pre-pandemic levels.Approximately 63% of high-growth companies have adopted hybrid work models; while workers prefer hybrid options 83% of the time. During a time when organizations are embracing new models of work, space must be better optimized to serve the needs of users and drive regular attendance.

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It’s a New Era for Mental Health at Work

When we published our research on workplace mental health in October 2019, we never could have predicted how much our lives would soon be upended by the Covid-19 pandemic. Then the murders of George Floyd and other Black Americans by the police; the rise in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs); wildfires; political unrest; and other major stressors unfolded in quick succession, compounding the damage to our collective mental health.

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Five Ways To Improve Employee Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental health is no longer something companies can leave up to their employees to prioritize. Job satisfaction, work-life balance, employee culture and communication and finances have been shown to directly impact individual health. Correspondingly, as a worker’s health declines, so does their level of productivity. It’s my belief as a founder of a health and wellness publisher that companies need to shift their mentality from overworking employees for faster results to one of balance and wellness to improve the lives of their workers and their profits.

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This is what the future holds for cryptocurrencies

By any measure, 2022 was a terrible year for crypto. In all, more than $2 trillion in largely speculative market value evaporated.Millions of consumers and businesses lost money, and perhaps more damaging for a nascent industry and technology, the fundamental trust in the promise of crypto-finance, which was supposed to be a correction to many of the misdeeds that gave rise to the 2008 financial crisis, is waning.Meanwhile, policymakers who have been sounding an alarm about crypto’s excessive risks, while failing to create sensible regulations, have been vindicated by not one, but multiple large-scale failures.

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Pros and Cons of Working From Home

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pandemic has resulted in over one-third of companies across a wide range of industries increasing telework for some or all of their employees. The BLS also reports that around 60% of the organizations that expanded their telework options are planning to keep them indefinitely.If you recently joined the ranks of virtual staff, your visions of the remote working life may have been dashed by reality. Working from home may sound like an ideal situation, if you’ve imagined simply rolling out of bed and arriving at your home office in moments, without the hassles of first making yourself presentable and then commuting to a workplace with a boss and colleagues who may drive you crazy.

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Is the COVID-19 pandemic over, or not?

It seems like a long time since the pandemic began. And now, as so much of life looks like it did before the pandemic, it’s reasonable to wonder: is it over? It sure seems like it — even the president said so in September, and COVID precautions are barely seen in some locales.Still, we continue to have thousands of new COVID-19 infections and hundreds of related deaths in this country each day. So, is it truly over? And what changes if that determination is ever formally made?

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May 2023 Crypto Market Forecast

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose above $30,000 in April, igniting a frothy cycle of news claiming that the crypto winterwas finally over.This was the first time since June 2022 that the elder crypto rose above this key psychological level, but BTC lost ground as investors prepared themselves for what promises to be a volatile month of May.Crypto prices have trended higher in 2023 as the outlook for Federal Reserve policy tightening has evolved. With inflation cooling off, recession looking more likely and the slow-burn U.S. banking crisis lingering, some investors have sought shelter in Bitcoin and other top cryptos.The bullish late-month trading action in BTC and Ethereum (ETH) was driven in part by a sharp sell-off in shares of First Republic Bank (FRC), which reported a massive drop in customer deposits in the first quarter.

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